Sensory Gym

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At TOP Rehab Services, Inc, we offer a large sensory gym that is often used during the course of your child's therapy.

Sensory gyms are fun for all kids, but they're especially valuable for children with special needs because they provide a wonderful opportunity for them to learn to process information in a fun, non-threatening way. Not only will a sensory gym help improve balance and body awareness, but it will also improve fine motor skills, coordination, cause-and-effect reasoning and cognitive-behavioral social skills in a safe environment.

Sensory gyms are especially useful because they integrate a child's sensory input, which is something children with special needs often have difficulty processing. They're either over-sensitive (i.e., they become overwhelmed with too much information) or under-sensitive (i.e., sensory information isn't properly registered). In contrast to a traditional learning environment, sensory gyms are fun, stress-free areas where children with special needs can process sensory information.

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